1200 Calorie Diet Menu

1200 Calorie Diet Menu

A regular 1200 calorie diet or even less need to be simply attempted after the approval within your qualified medical giver simply because nutritional needs might be extremely difficult to meet.

A plan consisting of 1200 calorie diet or even less is usually suggested when drastic actions need to be taken to improve current health issues when weight could pose a threat to life itself.

1200 calorie diets and also diets which are even more constrained in calories can also be suggested to ensure necessary surgeries and also preventative care could be administered.

Our free 1200 Calorie Diet Menu down below should be used for informational and also academic purposes only.

Once more, you should obtain your doctor’s agreement before beginning any calorie-restricted diet plan.

Instead of suffering serious hunger pains and also risk going off a diet plan that’s so very low in calories – such as a 1200 calorie diet menu, we suggests a better solution.

Easily figure out your own personal calorie (energy) needs based on your own recommended bodyweight.

You should use the bodyweight charts in web as a pattern in setting up your target weight.

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1-Breakfast time

Cereal and also Banana

  • One portion of cereal (110 calories)
  • One glass of skim milk (90 calories)
  • One small banana (90 calories)

2-Early morning Snack

Slimming Shake

  • One glass of skim milk mixed together with 1/2 glass of frozen strawberries (about 110 calories)

3-Lunch time

Sandwich, Fruit

  • Two pieces of whole grain bread (110 calories total)
  • Three ounces of lean deli meats (50 calories worth)

Include any of the following and since a lot since you want: any various lettuce, chopped up tomato, chopped up cucumber, chopped up onion, pickles, sliced olives, chopped up mushrooms, sprouts.

Make use of mustard as your spread.

One plum (30 calories)

Absolutely no calorie beverage, green tea or even water

4-Afternoon Snack

  • Delight in 100 calories worth of cottage cheese or even nearly anything you want which contains about 100 calories.


Mexican Fiesta

  • 1/2 glass of your favored beans (110 calories)
  • Two little flour tortilla shells OR MAYBE ONE big flour tortilla shell (160 calories worth)
  • One glass of shredded lettuce, any range
  • One piece of low fat mozzarella cheese (50 calories)
  • One serving of light sour cream (40 calories)
  • Rice (100 calories worth)

Absolutely no calorie beverage, green tea or water

Basically warm flour tortillas and also beans. Fill up tortillas with beans, cheese and also sour cream. Also you can add your prepared rice if preferred, or serve it on the side. Jiggle the flour tortillas and enjoy. Also you can use all of the salsa you’d like, or even you might opt for jarred cheese sauce found in the chips section in your own nearby market that contains about 40-50 calories for each portion (2 Tablespoons or 1/4 cup).

6-It’s time for bed Snack

  • One glass of whole strawberries (46 calories)

7-Nutritional Information

Our example of the 1200 Calorie Diet includes the following foods group providing amounts.

3 Servings from the Fresh fruit Group, 5 Servings from the Grain Group, 2 Servings from the Veggie Group, 4 Servings from the Dairy products Group and also 2 Servings from the Meats & Bean Group.

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